Chicken Form
Tier Subclass
Function Hunting, Combat
Initial Ability Flea Aura Attack
Learnable Abilities Shortness, Fowl Play
Inventory 4 slots
Base damage 1
Attack Cooldown 30.00
Movement Speed 290
Vision (Day/Night) 1500 / 1000
Names Clucky, The Free Ranger, The Colonel, Chicken a la King
The Chicken Form is a subclass of the Beastmaster. It is an extremely evasive class and the only class to use a ranged magical attack as its normal attack. It is also the smallest hero in the game with half the collision size, allowing it to enter small corridors that are unaccessible to other characters.


Level 1 AbilityEdit

Flea Aura Attack The chicken does not attack like normal trolls. Instead, the chicken has a magical attack that automatically attacks any nearby hostile unit. The damage upgrades automatically depending on his level.

Level 2 AbilityEdit

Shortness Grants the chicken a passive 18% chance to evade a physical attack.

Level 4 AbilityEdit

Fowl Play Transforms all nearby trolls in a 450 AoE into a chicken for 2.25 seconds.



  • Very agile, good at evasion/escape.
  • Size makes it harder to trap and allows it to move through some areas other trolls cannot.
  • Ranged attack dealing damage to multiple enemies with no need to target or control the attack.
  • Easy class to play.
  • Extremely high survivability, between its passive and castable abilities and it's size and speed.


  • Can no longer tame pets
  • Damage and attack speed can't be increased with items
  • Attacks with magic, so he can no longer harm adult elks, battle armor will reduce the damage he does, and anti magic potions completely block his attack


  • When attacking trees (With an axe), his attack has a cooldown of 5 seconds, for 0 damage. The only damage he does is based off of the axe, and however much agility he has, divided by two
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