All basic classes can change into a subclass at level 6. If they reach level 8 without subclassing, and have their corresponding Medallion of Courage, or (in versions 2.91a and beyond) if they reach level 8 of their subclass they will be able to change into their super subclass. For more information on the abilities and statistics all classes carry please check the base class page. The maximum level is 30.

The classes are listed below:

Basic Class Subclass A Subclass B Super Subclass Information
Gatherer Herb Master Telegatherer Radar Telegatherer Omnigatherer Locating items, large inventory, creating special buildings.
Hunter Tracker Warrior Juggernaut Offensive combat, defensive combat, tracking enemies.
Mage Elementalist Hypnotist Dementia Master Offensive debuffs, damaging magic, special effects.
Scout Observer Radar Scout Spy Locating items, locating bases, locating enemies, watching large areas.
Thief Escape Artist Contortionist Assassin Stealing items, transversing impassable terrain, speed.
Beastmaster True Form Chicken Form Ultimate Form Offensive combat, animal control, speed.
Priest Booster Master Healer Sage Defensive buffs, mixing stats, removing debuffs, restoring stats.
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