Camouflage Coat
Camouflage Coat
Crafted In Witch Doctors Hut
Buying Price Not purchasable
Selling Price 52
Effects +3 Armour
+3 Strength
+3 Agility
+3 Intelligence
Castable Invisibility
+5 heat per 35 seconds

One of the rarest items seen in the game due to the materials required in its recipe. It has limited combat uses, so the Battle Armor is usually preferred over this coat. However, a player can easily evade death whilst using this coat. The ability on the coat is similar to the Escape Artists ability Camoflauge, making it redundant to have this on an escape artist. It's only advised that you use this if you have great stat management skills. (A troll can only wear one coat)


Makes user invisible while stationary when cast. Causes 3x stat degradation..

Schematic: Edit

Magic, Bone Coat, Dark Rock

Magic Bone Coat
Dark Rock
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