Island Troll Tribes extensively uses buildings for creating items and managing player stats. Most buildings are created in the inventory of a troll from the merging of items in the right order. Once a building is created in the inventory of a troll, it will be in the form of a construction kit which the troll can then place at a buildable location. Below is a list of buildings separated into categories depending on their uses:

Stat ManagementEdit

  • Fire - Heat restoration, meat cooking, view of area and blocking paths.
  • Mage Fire - Advanced heat restoration and meat cooking.
  • Tent - Portable energy restoration.
  • Troll Hut - Stationary energy restoration and item storage.
  • Mud Hut - Stationary energy restoration and item storage.



  • Armory - Creating weapons, armor, and tools for other items.
  • Tannery - Creating boots, gloves and armor.
  • Workshop - Creating special and high tier items.
  • Witch Doctor's Hut - Creating magic spells, magic items and special buildings.
  • Mixing Pot - Creates potions from herbs.


  • Omnitower - Full sized powerful and customizable defense. Holds up to 3 "Offensive" items (e.g. Nets, Spears)
  • Ensnare Trap - Tiny light defense with nets.


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