Bosses are hostile enemies that don't re-spawn after they die. They mainly lie in the borders of the map, except the Mammoth and Disco Duck at the middle. Defeating a boss efficiently will require some food and a few items, but in return they drop good items.

Alligator ManEdit

Alligator Men are located in the four corners of the map on individual islands.

The OneEdit

The One is the most common boss around the map, guarding Troll Shops and islands on the outskirts of the map.


The Mammoth is the boss at the middle of the map.

Disco DuckEdit

The Disco Duck will spawn in the middle if two conditions have been met. The Mammoth must have been slain and someone has used magic to sound the horn.


The Hydra will wander around the trade route after being summoned at the Ominous Altar.

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