Tier Subclass
Function Defensive Buffs, Combat Support
Initial Abilities The Glow, Resist All, Omnicure, Cure All
Learnable Abilities Pump Up, Lightning Shield, Fortitude, Troll Battle Call, Spirit Link, Map Magic, Angelic Elemental
Inventory 4 slots
Base Damage 14-14
Attack Cooldown 1.75
Movement Speed 300
Vision (Day/Night) 1250 / 800
Names Tojo, Baki, Flamefoot
The Booster is one the subclasses of the Priest. Most of his abilities focus on placing useful defensive buffs on nearby allies.


Level 1 AbilitiesEdit

The Glow The Priest's starting ability. Grants a 10% movement bonus and 5% attack speed bonus in a 400 AoE. Also grants periodic bonus heat.

Resist All Makes a unit magic immune for 20 seconds.

Omnicure Casts cure all on all nearby friendly trolls.

Cure All Cures a variety of ailments including snake venom and disease.

Level 2 AbilitiesEdit

Pump Up Increases a friendly units movement speed by 10% and attack speed by 30%.

Lightning Shield Creates a shield around a friendly unit that deals 6 damage/sec to nearby units.

Fortitude Grants 1.5 armor to friendly units in a 900 AOE.

Level 3 AbilitiesEdit

Troll Battle Call Grants a 20% damage bonus and +1 armor bonus to all friendly units in a 2000 AOE. Lasts 20 seconds.

Spirit Link Links the health of up to 4 units in a 4000 AOE.

Level 4 AbilitiesEdit

Map Magic Increases the range of radar skills of friendly units. Lasts 90 seconds.

Angelic Elemental Projects a ball of energy forward that buffs units it touches. Buffed units get a 25% damage increase and +3 armor for 20 seconds.



  • Quite durable solo
  • Very powerful in team combat


  • No healing spells
  • Low inventory space
  • Low move speed
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