Tier Basic class
Function Hunting, Combat.
Initial Ability Spirit of the Beast, Tame Pet
Learnable Ability None
Inventory 4 slots
Base damage 13-15
Attack Cooldown 1.77
Movement Speed 300
Vision (Day/Night) 1400 / 675
Names Masterman, Beanbag, Foosh, Maximus, Lil-Ra
The Beastmaster class is built for direct combat, with the ability to take control of animals for combat and utility purposes. Special abilities of this class manipulate pets.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Level 1 Ability[edit | edit source]

Tame Pet Tames a baby animal, placing it under your control, allowing it to grow and aid the beastmaster in combat or use it's special abilities.

Level 1+ Ability[edit | edit source]

Spirit of the Beast Gives a 5% extra chance per level to find baby animals. Also animals are attracted to the Beastmaster. Effect increases per level.

Subclasses[edit | edit source]

True Form: A much faster and more powerful version of the beastmaster. Retains its pet taming ability.
Chicken Form: Small, fast, and is able attack while moving. This peculiar class is the same size as an elk and can move through narrow gaps.

Super Subclass[edit | edit source]

Ultimate Form: Designed for combat, can match a Juggernaut in battle.

Balance[edit | edit source]


  • Can easily acquire food
  • Easy to play
  • Levels up quickly
  • Powerful in combat


  • Low inventory space
  • Must often chase long distances to kill
  • Lacks spells useful for combat
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