Built In Inventory
Building Type Crafting
Hit Points 250
Armor Type Heavy
Armor 2
Slots 6
Construction 13 seconds
Buying Price 25
Selling Price 16

The Armoury is a manufacturing building used to create a variety of advanced items.

Recipe:[edit | edit source]

Stick.jpg Iron Ingot.jpg
Iron Ingot.jpg

Used to Make:[edit | edit source]

Items made in normal game-play modes

Item Recipe
Sonar Compass Iron Ingot, Flint
Blowgun Stick, Clay Ball
Nets Tinder, Tinder
Smoke Bomb Acorn,

Spirit of Wind

Dark Thistles Thistles,

Dark Rock

Poison Spear Spear

, Mushroom

Refined Poison Spear Spear

, Poison

Ultra Poison Spear Spear

, Ultra Poison

Battle Armor Bone Coat, Mana Crystal, Spirit Of Wind, Spirit Of Water
Transport Ship Stick, Stick, Clay Ball, Clay Ball, Hide, Hide
Anabolic Boots Bone Boots, Spirit of Wind, Spirit of Water, Anabolic Potion, Anabolic Potion
Battle Gloves Bone Gloves, Steel Ingot, Iron Ingot, Mana Crystal, Spirit Of Wind, Spirit Of Water
EMP Spirit of Water, Spirit of Wind, Mana Crystal
Battle Shield Bone Shield, Elk Hide, Steel Ingot, Spirit of Wind, Spirit of Water, Mana Crystal
Battle Axe Stick, Steel Ingot, Steel Ingot, Spirit of Wind, Spirit of Water, Elk Hide

Items Made with -op (OverPowered) mode enabled

Item Recipe
Defensive Ward
Battle Suit

Building Abilities[edit | edit source]

Quick Make: Collects nearby items on the ground to make selected item. If all items are not available the ones that were will be left in the armoury. Items already in the armoury will be pushed to the bottom of the workshop's inventory. Can quick make only Solar Compasses, Blowguns, Beehives, and Nets
Quick Drop: Drops items from the buildings inventory in a short radius around the building.
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