Anabolic Boots
Anabolic Boots
Crafted In Workshop
Buying Price Not purchasable
Selling Price 55
Effects +4 Armour
+4 Strength
+4 Agility
+4 Intelligence
10% Evasion

A boot piece of equipment. The movement speed increase is unmatchable, and if it is matched the castable effect will quickly tip the scale. The armor bonus and stat bonus are also very helpful in general combat. The only negative is that it requires 2 anabolic potions to make which in total is 12 river stems. That means the player would have to collect from 2-4 bushes, which as a 5 slot class can take quite a few trips, and quite some work. These are spectacularly easy for herb telegatherers to make, and very helpful for them also.Or if youre not a Gatherer and you don't want to waste time geting the herbs just make a beacon and get to the troll merchant who sells them for 12 gold.There is the problem that he is gurded by "The one" but if whole team joins it should be easy.


On click: Increases own movement speed by 100% (usually reaching the max (522), past which it won't increase) for 20 seconds, and has a 30 second cooldown.

Schematic: Edit

Bone Boots, Spirit of Wind, Spirit of Water, 2x Anabolic Potions

Bone Boots Spirit of Wind
Spirit of Water Anabolic Potion
Anabolic Potion
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